I spotted Robins, but no batman

IMG_5680Hopefully, snows last hurrah. I have been wishing that for months now. I spotted   10 robins in my street. I took a pic of this one, across the street in the neighbors lawn, most were in the road. No doubt they wanted it to be snow free. I did spot a few in my back yard too, only one in a tree. I want to be snow free or in a tree too. I only ventured outside, so the dog could do her thing. I have a million errands to do tomorrow. The most wonderful thing I discovered today was the cause of the noise in my utility room. I thought it was the water heater, but it was just the furnace I have not put to use yet. The wall switch for it was on, I just switched it off and bye bye noise. Maybe, I will not be driven mad anytime soon. It was not just a nails on chalkboard sound that grated my nerves. It was worrying about coming up with hundreds extra to fix it. My ebay sales have gone downhill. I need  to work on new listings, instead of just relisting the same old junk.

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