Missed my PT

IMG_4880I wrote down the wrong time. I did make it to my OT. She just stretched out my arm, then put the electric stim on my shoulder. She played around with the pads. She did not get the strong response she wanted. She said she will be working that down my arm. I will need to stretch out my finger muscles at home. I hope to actually wear my night splint too and do my strength exercises of lifting myself up with my arms.  I need to lie face down when I do these. I am all about exercising while lying down.

So, I have to wait until next week to find out if I can get an afo custom made for me. I know my 12 sessions are going to breeze by. I have to keep my goals in mind everyday. I love the weather is warming up finally. No snow or rain  today. I was too busy inside to really enjoy it. My son was home sick from school again. Vomitting again. He looks pale, but he ate lunch and dinner without getting sick, so he should go back  tomorrow. He will have to help me tomorrow take the dog to the vet. I might to get to sleep in for a bit.