Vet Bill was more than my mortgage

IMG_5670I might have to get Ashley a part time job, so she can pay her own bills. A few shots, nails clipped, ears cleaned and swabbed to confirm they are full of bacteria and yeast, plus she gained 4 pounds eating too much $100 a bag food. I might have my power turned off and my car repo’d. She has to go back in 3 weeks, that won’t be free either. It was supposed to be warm and sunny. We had hail, sleet, snow and wind moving our car on the way home. I managed to buy some human food and pigged out, since you never know when it will be the last supper. Just kidding, but I have been ravenous the last few days. I made oatmeal (old fashioned) this morning for breakfast. Whole grains make me hungry, not feeling full. I forgot to add coconut, but hope to try that tomorrow. My cinnamon tasted blah, it is probably not real.

I am wiped out tired, not sure if it is the weather or financial shock that wore me out. I am going to sleep now, and hopefully wake up with a second wind of energy. I realized it is the beginning of my son’s week off from school. I had wanted to plan things for each day. I have nothing planned yet. I want to take him to Cooperstown, but did not plan that out yet either. It won’t be tomorrow.