Washed Away

IMG_5687The rain has been non-stop. The local river is in flood stage. My house and yard are holding water. I can not believe that this place has been standing over 50 years. The water patterns must have changed. It really gets me down between the mud and worry. I worry that it might never stop raining.

I need to trudge all my laundry through the mud to get to my car. There is no way I can add more water to my septic system. It makes me tired to just think about it.

This week has been less than fun for my son. He had the week off from school. He spent a few hours in the emergency room getting an IV of antibiotics for his tooth abscess that blew up. He then finally got in to the local dentist, to be referred to a specialist that took half a day to fit him into a already booked full week. They still hesitantly gave me a time, it sounds like we will be waiting forever in the waiting room. I need to remember my reading glasses this time.