Hello blue sky

IMG_5685I enjoyed the warmer weather yesterday, as I set free another mouse I caught in my humane trap. I took Ashley along for the ride, since they predicted rain and cold today. It is cold, compared to the last few days. It is above freezing, so will just have to wear a hoodie instead of a tee shirt. It poured last night as we left a birthday party. It was at a bowling alley, so I bowled one game. I had a lot of gutter balls. I was sort of embarassed at my shaky left arm as I through the bowl. Combined with my hobbling walk to the foul line, I am extra self conscious. I wonder if it is as painful for others to watch. What pained me more was my son was in a grumpy mood. He refused to eat pizza or cake and did not smile. His doctor recommended he join a group to meet other kids, than the day in day out crowd that he is judging himself by. I am on a mission to find something for him to join, but his attitude makes it more difficult.

It is not rainy like they said, so I hope to get out to soak up my vitamin D. I also hope to find a garage sale or two on my way to the store.