It is Too Nice To Be Inside

IMG_5686This is not a recent picture, I have not taken any in a few weeks. I have tried to get the bugs out of my iphoto. I think I will wait for a more tech savvy person  to attempt. I have tried several times to delete many photos, mostly blurry or items I sold long ago on ebay. It does not seem to make my iphoto stop getting a spinning beach ball.

I have been groggy since waking up with the birds singing and chirping. The real reason I wake up is to pee, but that does not sound so cheery. I tried to take my morning nap, but set my alarm so I would not sleep past 11AM. It seemed to work, yet I mostly just dosed in and out while watching comedians on netflex. Some take too long to deliver their punch line, some just swear but add funny movements. I chose mostly unkown to me, but recommended by netflix. It is supposed to be based on what I watched previously, but I suspect random BS is their formula.

I need to take my girl for a walk. I have errands and yard work. I hope to burn in my firepit sometime this week.