Slow Progress

IMG_5690Drove past this heap O’ trash again yesterday. Some of the same trash is still there. I might have to make some phone calls to see who takes care of it, if anyone. I  might pick up some of it, but will have to remember to take gloves and trash bags.  I have my own lawn to take care of. I picked up most of my broken pottery that happened over winter. I have one terra cotta pot, that won’t “work” anymore. It cracked too much to hold the contents, which are some Japanese Iris that I took from my mothers house. All my perennials are showing signs of green sprouting. I deadheaded some and moved the pots to get more sun and rain. I uprighted my Elvis Gnome again. I don’t know if it is a human or cat or other animal that knocks him over. I put him on a more secure spot for now. I ordered my lawnmower, finally. I decided to spring for what I want. I could not find a decent priced push mower, even gas powered. So I ordered the rechargeable electric, no fumes or noise, easy start. It is supposed to mulch as well, so hopefully I can plow through the fall leaves that did not get raked. I should say, my son needs to plow through, it will be his job.

I had OT and PT again, I am whipped physically again. OT is trying to get me to counteract my arm pulling in. It is getting ever so slightly better, so I hope to carry on. I also need to call about my afo tomorrow. I keep forgetting. On the way in from the parking lot, I was greeted by garbage. Fucking lazy pigs, I wish I could see these people who just let their trash fall where it may. I picked up an empty McDs cup from just outside my car door, and a dirty old coffee cup stuck in the planter by the door. I then deposited inside where they have garbage cans. If you can not keep your garbage in your own car until you get home, at least carry it to the nearest garbage can. I am far from the cleanest person in the world, yet this bugs me.  I think when companies make cut backs, cleaning is one of the first jobs to go. People used to sweep in front of their buildings several times a day.

Well after talking about lazy human pigs, I need to go pick up my own house. I am just a few steps from being on hoarders. I hope to clean out my car and febreeze the dog funk out of it tomorrow.