Burning Daylight

IMG_5706It was so so so Niiiiccccceeee today, I had planned to spend time outside working on my yard. I asked my son if he wanted to paint my planters. Of course none of that was done, or even started. I did take my girl for a long walk. I walked further than we have before. I did not think I could make it back since I was already on max breathing mode and chest tightening. I did make it back, and now I know I can go a little further next time. I just hope my son is willing. I am still scared to do it alone because my dog is off leash. If we met anyone else with a dog even one on a leash it would probably be a disaster. At least on the drive back we passed some people walking some dogs and she did not shake, she just wined. She was so happy just to stick her nose out the window and not be left home alone. We left her alone two days in a row. One day she ate my bread, the next day she ate my sons bread off the table. When I went to the post office this morning she pulled a bag off the table. At least she did not tear it all apart and scatter around.

We went to the auction last night. They had so much good stuff. Most was so good it went way over my willing to pay price. It also had some stuff no one else wanted. Bottom feeder that I am took it. I did not take all the unwanted, there was a table full that did not sell. I got a shoe shine kit (cool, but not my style) for $2 I took a chance that it won’t sit in my house forever. I bought a huge box of old Christmas stuff, more postcards, more little smalls assorted boxes no one wanted, some enamel pans that will become planters (maybe if I don’t sell them), and my son bought a huge suitcase for $1. So instead of enjoying this nice day, I took pictures while the sun shined. It is easier to take pictures with good lighting. It is still free listing days on ebay so I am trying to list as much as I can.

This postcard is from the 60s. That is Anne Francis with Robby the Robot, from the Sci-Fi movie Forbidden Planet. I had no idea, but after a few minutes searching I do now. I wish I looked like her, but I look more like Robby except not dark at all. I glow in the dark. I need to get back to work. I have grandchildren on the way to plan for. The plan is to get in shape and move my arm and fingers more to hold the new grandbaby by November (when it is due). I also need to save more money, which seems even more impossible than getting in shape.