Land of the Free to Litter

IMG_6090I took a random shot of what I thought was a cool little harbor in Maine. (my first time in this state) I did not realize I got a shot of some garbage too. Thanks to our troops past and present for sacrificing your life, so we can be free to destroy our country ourselves. Litter is more disgraceful than burning the flag. (IMO) It is a slow dirty bomb, killing wildlife, clogging drainage, spreading disease. I wish I could punch people in the face, if I saw them doing this.

On a positive note, it is nice out now. I need to “work” before it gets too muggy. First up is painting, then picture taking, then planting.

Long Weekend Equals Wiped Out Tired

IMG_6106I spent time with all four of my kids this weekend. I even managed to get a candid shot of all 4. I love the ears flapping in the breeze. Ashley is not facing the water, she hates to get wet, hates swimming. That is how I know for 100 % certainty she is not biologically mine (plus the different species fact). She is my soul sister in sleep.

I tried to get a group posed shot. There was always one dissenter, so that did not happen this time. I am thankful we all got to spend some quality time together. We even drove each other crazy. The Maine coastline driving I did made everyone sick except me. It might be that I am used to feeling messed up and off balance since my stroke. It was a busy weekend, with crowded parking spaces and a crowded museum.   I realized how badly I can not walk day after day. I need to get back into the groove. I was sore from all the staircases and sleeping on a air mattress as well. I soon forget how fragile I am, being a princess and all.

My beginnings of bucket garden are still alive. They are getting plenty of water with this rain. I hope it lets up enough so I can plant  some more today. My goal is to have it finished by this weekend. My raised planter box that is still unfilled looks so small and lonely stuck in the outskirts of my yard. I might surround it with some more buckets. I need to clean up inside, it has never looked worse than it does now.

Working Between Raindrops

My neighbor came over to help me get a few lids off my garden buckets. She ended up taking some over to our other neighbor to cut the lids off. It still took a bit of work. I used a hack saw yesterday and no luck. I might use a saws all next time. I now have a bucket garden in the side yard. One tomato plant and 6 jalapeno and 6 red bell peppers. My son helped me move the raised box planter, but I still have to fill it. It rained too much to weed whack. I also (my son hammered the nail in) hung my purple star shape on the side of the shed. I can’t wait to see if I can see it from the main road. I am kind of pissed at my solar lights. Two different ones from two different stores and they don’t work. I will someday get electric ones, or solar ones that work. My back is killing me, but there are two big babies passed out on my bed. They are both stressed from putting up with me. My son went to the eye doctor, he got a prescription for new glasses. His insurance won”t pay for them, so we will order them online.

Mending my ways

IMG_6053I am trying to have my house look less like a hoarders house, and more like a normal house. I miss having an extra room to stow everything until I can deal with it. I don’t have even a closet for that now, except my cardboard closet. I cleared off a space to bring out the fan, because it was over 80 degrees today. I did not bring the fan out, just made space. I still need to pack up  the winter gear, so I don’t have to look at it again for a few months.

Tomorrow is the magic day (again), when I try to get everything done. I hope to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, raring to go.

Hey There Sailor

IMG_6045It would have been a nice day to be on a boat yesterday. I was home, lugging stuff closer to the curb for my yard sale. I then had to haul it back inside. I thought I learned my lesson last time. If not I will remember next time. I am sore, exhausted, and sunburned. I only made a few dollars, around $30. I am not complaining, I am sure in some country that is a monthly wage. If I sell my stuff online, I don’t risk skin cancer. I have yet to sort out what my son threw together to carry back inside. I asked him for a little help. He complained so much, I made him help me shop for groceries today. I was happy he picked out a watermelon and apples on his own. I made him promise to help me cut up the watermelon, since it is really difficult for me to do. I had hoped to get my home in shape today, but it gets further and further out of control. I hope to contain it tomorrow, and hopefully will not be sidetracked by trivial stuff like getting my new printer working, picking up my prescription or finishing my raised garden bed. I decided I want to make it into a 3 sisters bed. I will plant corn, squash, pumpkins and green beans. I have to get my oil changed, get the dog bathed, and take my son to three appointments before Friday afternoon. I hope I get the house in ship shape tomorrow, so I will start now.

Rice makes me ravenous

IMG_6019I have not taken any more pictures, so I offer another blurry view of 7th Lake. I made rice and veggies for dinner. I had about 1 1/2 servings of rice mixed with about 2 1/2 servings of veggies. I love the combo, I call it veggie fried rice. I did not actually fry it this time. I have noticed, eating rice makes me extremely hungry. Immediately afterwards, and later. I wish I had some chocolate chip cookies right now. Warm and gooey, and for the next course some cold smooth and creamy ice cream. I don’t have any of those in my house, but I will still probably gain a few more pounds.

I am not going to write about my mix up I had today. I just learned, the hard way, not to rely on my brain for anything. I had another,  duh, lame brain moment later in the day. I was looking for my reading glasses on my desk. I was frustrated, because I knew I just saw them there. A few minutes later, I realized they were on top of my head. I blame that on not being used to wearing glasses.

White Caps on 7th Lake

IMG_6017I think this is the 7th Lake NY State boat launch. I stopped to get a drink of water. I can not drink and drive most of the time, with only one useful hand. It was almost dark, because of the snow clouds. I love to see white caps on the lake waves. I hope to live next to a lake or river someday. I could stare at it forever. Unless I get a subsidized retirement condo, it probably won’t happen anytime soon. I am actually committed to keep my son in the same school district until he graduates.

Moose Sighting

IMG_6016I have been visiting my family in the Adirondacks since they moved there in 1986. I even lived there one year, not too long ago. I have never seen a moose. I paid a surprise visit to my Mom for Mother’s Day. My sister had a cookout for us. Driving back in the early evening, I was on the lookout for animals. They always think the grass or bugs are tastier by the road I guess. They might just be looking for beer cans with a few drops left. Anyway, I saw what I thought was a horse standing by the side of the road. It had a horse face, I swear. But of course, it was a moose without any antlers or horns (not sure what they are called). I can check that off my bucket list. I will probably see them all  the time now.

I only saw  one deer, that was in the morning on the way up. We saw dozens of turkeys, a few at a time. I did not see any bears this time, but I have before. That was another reason to head back early.

Hopefully this will be the last night of cold weather. I did not get the space age fabric comforter out. I guess I will blame that on the reason I can not get back to sleep. I also started laundry, and will fall asleep to the soothing sound of the dryer.

Cinco De Mayo, Christmas in May

IMG_5900Sorry for all the junk shots of random stuff I am selling. This ornament, I think is supposed to be an angel. It reminds me of a Spanish Flamenco. I did not eat or drink any Spanish themed goodies yesterday. I did not celebrate in anyway, the 5th of May.

I have been super exhausted today. It took everything I had to get myself together, make a trip to the library then home to get my shipments ready then pick up my kid on time to take to his doctor appointment. Was stressed I could not find the place, but made it there after asking a random dentist office, because I could not find my cell phone. That sentence does not make sense, but either did I today. I cursed at the giant step to get into the office. Other patients heard me. I cursed as I dropped crap out of my purse trying to find my son’s insurance card.  I found the cell phone. I am sure the insurance card will turn up tomorrow.

I don’t want to break my son’s patient confidentiality, not because of Hippa, but because he is my son, but he said something that had me laughing so hard, right in front of the doctor. I tried so hard not too. Yes, mother of the year. I don’t know if the doctor heard my apology, but I will explain my laughter to my son. He already knows I do inappropriate outbursts because of my stroke. I also reminded my son that Mother’s Day was only 6 days away, on the way home. I told him I was going to remind him everyday, like he does on his birthday month.

By the way, you know the doctors office will have a long wait time when there is a vending machine in the waiting room. That was a first for me.