Hello May

IMG_5783I was not finished with April. Time does not wait for me, and I can not even fool it.  It is going by too fast and I still contemplate what I want to accomplish. I realize I need to do less thinking (ha ha) and more doing. I try and it is killing me. I have used my fire pit twice now. It seems like a waste of time and energy sitting watching it burn. I realized today, I should bring my paint and paintbrush out to get my planters painted. I want to go buy some plants at the greenhouse tomorrow. I can’t wait, I can hope it does not freeze again this year. The lawnmower I bought was an epic fail. My son had a hard time pushing it. I pushed it about 10′ with one arm before I could not push it farther. The neighbors came over. They could not push it any better than us. I will have to call and try to return it tomorrow. I will also have to call and have someone mow my yard for the season. It is so tall now, I can barely walk. I would love to fence it in and rent a goat. Fencing would be good for Ash to run and play too without fear she attacks the many dogs people walk by. I am too week to hold her back, she even has snapped a few metal chains. She has snapped some of her collars before too, but I learned to get the heavy duty ones.

I can still smell woodsmoke in my hair. It is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. I am going to dig out the paint. I scored a wicker planter off of craigslist today. It will stand in as my window box for my big front window.  I want to put in flowers, but veggies too. Maybe snap peas will trail down instead of up? I will google it before I try.  I also scored two 5 gallon buckets , that I plan on drilling holes in the bottom to make into veggie planters. I wish I could find a bunch more. I saw two in the recycling dumpster, but they were too far in to reach. I am not too proud. I know people through them out. I need to find those people and help them out.