Covered in Paint, Back to Normal

I painted my wood planters that I bought at an auction last fall. They went from colonial wood buckets to fresh lilac colored planters. I still need to add the plants. I hope to take a trip to a greenhouse tomorrow. I also primed my wicker window box stand, and put some lilac color around the top edge. I already dipped the brush into the purple before I realized I needed more primer, so I compromised. I learned the hard way why people use spray paint for wicker. I told myself I was going for the shabby cottage look to make myself feel better. I will spray paint it next spring when I hopefully have more money. I used a bit of my bright purple from my door and put it in the white primer to make the lilac color. It will coordinate without taking all the thunder from my front door.
I titled this back to normal, because once again I am wearing my paint clothes. I have so much spilled paint on my right hand and arm it looks like I worked all day. It only took a few hours. It is supposed to be in the 70s for the next 10 days. If the forecast is correct it should be ideal for painting inside. It should be ideal for getting things planted outside too.