Sidetracked Again

IMG_5922I started some projects on my list. Thanks to checking my email obsessively I scored some planters from freecycle. I had to drive a ways to get them, but  Ash needed something to occupy her brain. Sticking her nose out the car window helped. They were not the large beautiful planters I envisioned, but some were ok, and some were fabulous vintage houseplant type pottery. They are still in my trunk, because I could not figure out where to store them. A normal person would use their garden shed. Mine is full of stuff, I can barely move, plus lack of shelving means everything stacks on the floor.

Things that did get partially done included putting the soil and marigolds into the window box. I still did not plant the seeds, I thought it was too shady where it sits now. I might have my son help me move it out a bit, to get more sun. I watered the peppers and tomato plant still in their tiny nursery packs. I contemplated drilling my two 5 gallon buckets, and a wood planter that needed drainage. That is just fancy talk for I never got around to it. I also had my son help me bring out the raised bed so I could paint it. It is now setting on the firewood from the tree that blew down last fall. If I skip my book club tomorrow, I might have time to paint. I also listed a few more things for sale on Ebay. I have tons more to take pictures of. I even wasted about an hour trying to look up some brass buttons, to find out what country they are from. No luck, I might as well just list everything I do know and hope someone recognizes them. I can not even date them, but some are worn down so I believe they are early 20th century.

I am trying to catch up on laundry, so I hopefully won’t have to go to the laundry-mat. I don’t want to use stuck on gum dryers again or pour my soap in a slot but don’t see any suds.