Cinco De Mayo, Christmas in May

IMG_5900Sorry for all the junk shots of random stuff I am selling. This ornament, I think is supposed to be an angel. It reminds me of a Spanish Flamenco. I did not eat or drink any Spanish themed goodies yesterday. I did not celebrate in anyway, the 5th of May.

I have been super exhausted today. It took everything I had to get myself together, make a trip to the library then home to get my shipments ready then pick up my kid on time to take to his doctor appointment. Was stressed I could not find the place, but made it there after asking a random dentist office, because I could not find my cell phone. That sentence does not make sense, but either did I today. I cursed at the giant step to get into the office. Other patients heard me. I cursed as I dropped crap out of my purse trying to find my son’s insurance card.  I found the cell phone. I am sure the insurance card will turn up tomorrow.

I don’t want to break my son’s patient confidentiality, not because of Hippa, but because he is my son, but he said something that had me laughing so hard, right in front of the doctor. I tried so hard not too. Yes, mother of the year. I don’t know if the doctor heard my apology, but I will explain my laughter to my son. He already knows I do inappropriate outbursts because of my stroke. I also reminded my son that Mother’s Day was only 6 days away, on the way home. I told him I was going to remind him everyday, like he does on his birthday month.

By the way, you know the doctors office will have a long wait time when there is a vending machine in the waiting room. That was a first for me.

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