Hey There Sailor

IMG_6045It would have been a nice day to be on a boat yesterday. I was home, lugging stuff closer to the curb for my yard sale. I then had to haul it back inside. I thought I learned my lesson last time. If not I will remember next time. I am sore, exhausted, and sunburned. I only made a few dollars, around $30. I am not complaining, I am sure in some country that is a monthly wage. If I sell my stuff online, I don’t risk skin cancer. I have yet to sort out what my son threw together to carry back inside. I asked him for a little help. He complained so much, I made him help me shop for groceries today. I was happy he picked out a watermelon and apples on his own. I made him promise to help me cut up the watermelon, since it is really difficult for me to do. I had hoped to get my home in shape today, but it gets further and further out of control. I hope to contain it tomorrow, and hopefully will not be sidetracked by trivial stuff like getting my new printer working, picking up my prescription or finishing my raised garden bed. I decided I want to make it into a 3 sisters bed. I will plant corn, squash, pumpkins and green beans. I have to get my oil changed, get the dog bathed, and take my son to three appointments before Friday afternoon. I hope I get the house in ship shape tomorrow, so I will start now.