Working Between Raindrops

My neighbor came over to help me get a few lids off my garden buckets. She ended up taking some over to our other neighbor to cut the lids off. It still took a bit of work. I used a hack saw yesterday and no luck. I might use a saws all next time. I now have a bucket garden in the side yard. One tomato plant and 6 jalapeno and 6 red bell peppers. My son helped me move the raised box planter, but I still have to fill it. It rained too much to weed whack. I also (my son hammered the nail in) hung my purple star shape on the side of the shed. I can’t wait to see if I can see it from the main road. I am kind of pissed at my solar lights. Two different ones from two different stores and they don’t work. I will someday get electric ones, or solar ones that work. My back is killing me, but there are two big babies passed out on my bed. They are both stressed from putting up with me. My son went to the eye doctor, he got a prescription for new glasses. His insurance won”t pay for them, so we will order them online.