Long Weekend Equals Wiped Out Tired

IMG_6106I spent time with all four of my kids this weekend. I even managed to get a candid shot of all 4. I love the ears flapping in the breeze. Ashley is not facing the water, she hates to get wet, hates swimming. That is how I know for 100 % certainty she is not biologically mine (plus the different species fact). She is my soul sister in sleep.

I tried to get a group posed shot. There was always one dissenter, so that did not happen this time. I am thankful we all got to spend some quality time together. We even drove each other crazy. The Maine coastline driving I did made everyone sick except me. It might be that I am used to feeling messed up and off balance since my stroke. It was a busy weekend, with crowded parking spaces and a crowded museum.   I realized how badly I can not walk day after day. I need to get back into the groove. I was sore from all the staircases and sleeping on a air mattress as well. I soon forget how fragile I am, being a princess and all.

My beginnings of bucket garden are still alive. They are getting plenty of water with this rain. I hope it lets up enough so I can plant  some more today. My goal is to have it finished by this weekend. My raised planter box that is still unfilled looks so small and lonely stuck in the outskirts of my yard. I might surround it with some more buckets. I need to clean up inside, it has never looked worse than it does now.