My eyeballs are burned out, words are failing me. I lost a day. I am posting a quote, for lack of my own words. This is exactly how I feel. So very appropriate to find my purpose and feel fulfilled.

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.” ┬áRobert Brault

My bucket garden in alive, not complete, but that is how all my projects go. My flowers in their repurposed containers are filling in some. They started very sparse, I added a few more, plus they grew a little. My grass is getting long, it is suppose to rain for a few days. I am trying to not think about having to pay to get it mowed. I took my son to the dentist, we have to go back next week too. He has a counseling appointment tomorrow. I hope to take all the stuff to the Salvation Army that I forgot last trip. That should put a dent in my hoard. I also hope to finish packing up my ebay merchandise. It is taking me forever to take pictures and list. I have not found my reading glasses yet. I suspect they are in with my Ebay treasures, or fell into my desk drawers. I pull the drawers out to hold packages while I try to tape them up.