Ready to Rock and Roll, and walk

I was fitted for my custom AFO, finally. I have high hopes of walking with ease. I want to go farther and faster than I have in the two plus years post stroke. I am waiting for insurance approval, then I go back at the end of this month to try it out.

It has been rainy here, so I don’t need to water the bucket garden. I love how easy gardening is. I have some gnomes I bought at the last auction. They are waiting for placement around my yard. Elvis Gnome will soon have company. I will have to move my chairs, the morning glory has grabbed hold of one. I have a lot of housework to do still. I was off to a good start getting things done on the weekend, I just burned out early. I did not drive anywhere Saturday or Sunday. It is both depressing, but good not to burn up gas money.IMG_6385