Part of my Bucket Garden

Looking a bit sad, lack of sun and too much rain lately on top of two hail storms yesterday. I thought they would have been more damaged, but they are still kicking. I have some smaller pots that don’t show in this lineup, plus a few more on the other side of the house. One of my solar lights is working too! I was ready to take it back for a refund.
One of my trees lost half of a big branch. It is stuck on another branch plus still attached by some bark. Anyway, I think my bucket garden is pretty much going to stay unfinished this year. I have three buckets I still can not get the lids off. I don’t have the funds to buy any more compost. I am so glad I did not plant anything in the ground. It is like a swamp, even in the higher areas of my yard. Last year, my first here, it was dry all the way until October. It rained, but soaked into the ground within a day. I can hope all I want that it dries up again this year, but I know that at some point this area will flood. It is so flat and not much higher than the swamp down the road. I am already planning on doing a bucket garden again next year. I hope to accumulate a few, or a lot more during the summer.