Nature’s Tree Trimming

Mother Nature did not want this tree any taller. I am kind of glad it fell that way during the last storm. I have been afraid it was going to fall towards my house or the neighbors. I have been living on the edge, without homeowners insurance. I plan on getting it as soon as my roof is fixed. The only company that gives homeowners insurance to pit bull owners, does not give it to tarped roofs. Today was beautiful, no rain. I did a load of laundry for the first time in days. I will do more tomorrow. I did hear a gurgle in the kitchen sink, so I don’t want to push the system too much.
I made perfectly browned french toast according to my son. He only likes it lightly browned, no dark spots. I started to make a second batch and noticed the bread was moldy on a few pieces. Being the great mother I am, I did not tell my son. He ate all of his and asked for another piece. I choked mine down drowned in syrup. I am going to freeze all my bread I don’t eat in a day for the rest of the summer. I hate stale bread. I hate frozen bread, but I hate the taste of mold more.
I made my own unsweetened ice tea today. I get very food creative when I am poor. I am going to try to live from my cupboards and freezer for the next week. I guess I will be making the salmon for the dog. I bought it for my son, and now he says seafood makes him sick.

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