Poking Out of my Shell

I finally made it outside to sit for a few minutes. In between thunderstorms, I ventured out to get the mail. I saw this snapping turtle walk down the road. He then started to walk into my yard. I was sitting out front reading my mail. I had my dog out on the porch. She hates being outside, but she lies on a blanket if I am outside. I guess so I don’t sneak away without her. I rapped on the window to get my son to bring the camera out. He took this picture. He then showed it to the neighbors. One neighbor wanted it gone, so she got it into a bucket. She then took it down the road to the swamp. She has small kids, and was scared of it. I would have let it keep walking. I am sure it just wanted to lay some eggs or already had. I wonder what wildlife I will encounter next. I hope the deer stay away from my bucket garden. I have several tomato blossoms. The plants do not look that great. I hope they survive the week I will be gone.
I have not done much of anything lately. Just sitting around hating my life. I spend too much time trying to figure out how to make it better. I also spend too much time watching Netflix.

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