I have over 2000 pins on pinterest

So, no one cares….but I reached a goal of sorts. I have only completed 2 recipes, and no craft projects….but they are pinned, so they can not escape my mind. I also found this joke. with no author given; “I am going to name my dog 5 miles, so I can say I walked 5 miles everyday.”  I got my new AFO today, and in a funny twist of fate I know what AFO means now. “Ankle Foot Orthotic”, thanks to the incredibly boring magazine selection in the waiting room, I learned something today. I wore it about an hour, as recommended. I am supposed to ease into it, since I have not worn one in so long. I hope to take a real walk about tomorrow, around my neighborhood. I won’t be walking 5 miles, but I will be one step closer to running 5k someday. I at least hope to live to see grandbabe run it’s first 5k.

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