My eyeballs are burned out, words are failing me. I lost a day. I am posting a quote, for lack of my own words. This is exactly how I feel. So very appropriate to find my purpose and feel fulfilled.

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.” ┬áRobert Brault

My bucket garden in alive, not complete, but that is how all my projects go. My flowers in their repurposed containers are filling in some. They started very sparse, I added a few more, plus they grew a little. My grass is getting long, it is suppose to rain for a few days. I am trying to not think about having to pay to get it mowed. I took my son to the dentist, we have to go back next week too. He has a counseling appointment tomorrow. I hope to take all the stuff to the Salvation Army that I forgot last trip. That should put a dent in my hoard. I also hope to finish packing up my ebay merchandise. It is taking me forever to take pictures and list. I have not found my reading glasses yet. I suspect they are in with my Ebay treasures, or fell into my desk drawers. I pull the drawers out to hold packages while I try to tape them up.

Fly on Coleus

IMG_6114These are my daughter’s plants. I just noticed the fly. I have not found my reading glasses yet. I did not go anywhere yet today. I still have nothing much accomplished. I took some pictures, listed some Ebay stuff. I am off to take more pictures while the sun shines. I can not put this stuff away until I have pictures and it is listed. It then might sit for a few months until it sells. I did water my bucket garden earlier. Everything is still alive, my morning glory is reaching out. I moved it to the top of my galvanized tower. My petunias look bigger, must be the cool weather.

My Response to the 37 must haves for survival

I made the mistake of clicking from the weather channel onto this dumb ad, only to realize I was stupid enough to click and waste a few minutes waiting for a list that was never revealed. I then did a quick internet/google search and read a few prepper websites. Not all prepping is wasteful, it hedges against natural or manmade disasters. This is more to the ones that need to comment on how they are going to kill or be killed. They must already feel backed into a corner by responding with such basic short range plans. What are they going to do, if they are in their car and an earthquake and flood separates them from their ammo stash at home. What if a fire blows up your block or two or three square miles? Are you going to make nice with the ones you called liberals in such a derogatory way? Is your world going to be worth living, if the only ones that survive have the same mentality as you? Do you really believe that your current world/country is out to get you and take away your freedoms? If I could store two warehouses full of toilet paper does that make me more valuable? What about cloths and leaves, will I be killed for using them to wipe my ass? There are far less must haves for survival, as humanity has observed the last few thousand years. We are provided with air, water and all the elements. Prepping for survival should mean preserving these basic elements for long term world longevity, not stockpiling for selfish limited time individual lifespans.
I am tired of wasting my time worrying about things that I have no control over. I need to go shopping to stockpile what I need for this month. It is the same list no matter what lies ahead in my future.

Hazy Summer

I just wish I could get my dog to love water and swimming. We had to go for a ride in the air conditioned car to get away from my oven of a house. I spent most of the day planting my new tomato plants and other flowers and plants that I just bought from the greenhouse. I now have 4 different variety of tomatoes, but not the romas they were sold out. I still have another 6 pack to plant, but need the damn lids off my buckets. I planted the two free baskets I scored from craigslist last year. One is hanging on the shed already, the other waiting for my son to put another nail in the shed. Today it is kind of rainy, so I am cleaning. I slept to noon, but have did laundry and cleaned most of the bathroom already.

Round Two of Home Projects

IMG_6097I end up dragging my feet, literally and figuratively. I did not get everything done yesterday. I am going to start by taking pictures today. I think I will not paint today. I need to take a trip to the library , greenhouse and garbage transfer station. My house is still a mess. My body is full of bruises. I was in the sun too much, even trying to stay in the shade.

I need to push my sales to the max this month, to afford another trip to Boston. There is also the ever present concern of buying food and getting my brows waxed. I really need a haircut and to give the neighbors $$ for gas money for mowing my lawn.