I Envy other families

Person A just reported how she enjoyed hosting her family for a week at her house. Although she misses them already so much, she will see them in a week when she drives to see them. Person B just reported, with pictures no less, how they are having a great time at their 40th anniversary of family reunions. Person C is moving and friends are throwing them a party. Person D is an inlaw of mine and has just come from her annual reunion, and is talking of throwing a party for her son that just graduated high school. I am so out of the loop, I did not know he was graduating until that picture appeared on facebook after the fact. People celebrate milestones and find ways to connect with their families. My family replies with two words when I write them a paragraph. My sister got me a Mother’s Day card with a button I did not even get the saying. She said it reminded her of something I would say. I still don’t get it, so why would I say it. More importantly why is my sister the one that knows me least. None of my family communicates with each other. I will have to spell out my wishes and hope they follow them after my death. I am not just the black sheep of my family, it was a herd dispersal.

I envision it will be different with my own children. At least since my older two have been off to college we have gotten together at least a few times per year.  This Thanksgiving will mark the arrival of my first granddaughter, or soon pending if she is a week or two late. I also should be able to host outdoor family gatherings at my house once my town installs a sewer system. That could take another year or two. Meanwhile, as I have done most of my life, I will daydream of things that never happen.