Get on your bike and ride

ImageI parked behind this bike with studded saddle bags at a rest stop on my way home Monday. I took the picture out my dirty car window. I parked here facing the entrance to watch my 13 year old son go in on his own. He has an obsession with Dunkin Donuts and guilted me into stopping. I need to stop every once in awhile just to drink or fix my hair. Driving with one hand can get dangerous on a busy highway. It took me about two days to recuperate. 

Today on the way back from my doctors appointment I saw some people riding dirt bikes and atvs covered in mud. I never thought riding motorcycles was fun. To me it is terrifying facing death on purpose. I think it is even worse getting covered in mud. I like the old fashion cruiser bikes with peddling backwards is the breaks, no shifting, no gears. You can get them moving fast enough to have the wind in your hair and still enjoy the scenery. Things are more in focus when you move slower.

I am just taking a break from my work. I am mixing housework with selling things on Ebay. I go back and forth not finishing much of either. I still have some steam left so hopefully I will get more done before my 2AM bedtime. I stopped washing dishes after a glass fell of the drying rack and broke. My son is supposed to be using paper cups or use the same glass all day. I will most likely forget to tell him by the time he comes back home. It is so much  cooler so it is hard to be in a bad mood. I love it in the 50-60 degree range.

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