Life goes on without me

I am the bright pink button in the pile of many. I stick out, but there are so many buttons I get lost. I type my heart out into the world wide web, trying to stick out. My words, if even found, will they matter. Is there a ripple or echo that will come back to me.
I had an exhausting day. My son’s lump on his chest is apparently just a hormone surge that should go away on his own. Unless he smokes pot. I know he has not yet. I don’t suspect he has inhaled second hand or I would have smelled it when he came home. I had the weed whacker out since yesterday. I put in my 1/2 hour of arm shaking work. I had told my son he was to help. After two minutes whining about too many bees he took off. I spent more of the afternoon moving chairs and pots and finished whacking the rest of the front of the house jungle. I then watered my plants. Most of the time I was working I was wondering why my son whines his way out of so much. I wonder if he will ever grow up to be able to at least take care of himself. I hope he knows he will need a well paying job to live without lifting a finger to home maintenance. I then came inside to take a nap. I am not sure if I was physically or mentally exhausted.
Later in the evening, my neighbors came over to mow my lawn, and did more weed whacking for me. They did not complain about bees or restarting the mower so much to get through the jungle.
This all happening while I had planned to go to a viewing of 50’s Sci Fi movies. I am glad I had waited to RSVP, I hate always being a no show. Needless to say I did not meet anyone new. Yet again another day goes by that I can only feel sorry for myself.
My dog did not have fun either. She hates the weed whacker. I saw her barking in the window, clawing at the door and whining. I know she would have attacked it, if I let her out. She must have been very upset, because she got into the garbage. She was allergic to the scraps she ate. While I was picking up the wrappers and paper plates she scattered, she was shaking her head. Her allergies make her already irritated ear worse. She snuggled with me when I took my nap. She is cozy on my pillow now. She is so lucky she is cute.