This Guy or Gal Should Be A Builder

ImageI had such generous kind hearted people volunteer to help fix my roof. My son pictured on the right, pregnant daughter pictured in my next post a handful of their friends, and a few of my neighbors all pitched in to make the ugly go away. Wasps and bees were kicked to the curb. Thin, too thin plywood rotting from neglect was ripped off and all new zip system boards put on. Then a few shingles, new fascia in the front and a party of cobbled replacements for temporary soffits were fitted. Not only for my house, but my shed is now has a leakproof roof waiting for more shingles. It took longer because of rain everyday and not really expecting to replace the entire roof sheathing. Having to see the inadequate thickness and degradation made me realize how lucky it did not collapse or blow off.

All my ugly tarps are now gone where tarps should be, folded up to become “temporary” cover. Well the ones from my roof are in the trash, and shredded to confetti all over my yard. I spent another hour picking it up today. I spent lots of time picking it up yesterday. I painted one window on the weekend and one today. I still have a few more to go.

My son stayed an extra day to finish the cobbling of the soffits, fix my dryer vent and put more than 1/4 of the shingles on the back side and a few rows on the front as well. They will get done before it snows I am sure. 


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