Plastic Is Forever, I Found A Man



When I was working around outside my house this weekend, I found a man. Not at all my type, except for the long flowing blonde hair. He was made of plastic, check out his moonboots. I deposited all three pieces of him in my planter. I now have a time capsule mini garden figurine. Some people have fairy gardens, maybe I will have a man garden.

Yes, my life is that sad.

My First Harvest From My Bucket Garden


So far I have one tomato, smaller than a golf ball and one jalepeno that I could not wait to pick. I don’t know how to tell when jalepenos are ready to pick. I did not want the wild animals in my yard to eat it. They are still sitting on my table. I got home at 9 PM last night and ate leftovers out of the fridge. I went walking at a mall, a meetup group thing, with my brace and cane. As usual I was the only one I saw with a brace and cane. I think that mall was way too small, we went around so many times. The last time I was there I thought it was bigger, so I must be walking better with the new AFO. I need a measured distance to walk, so after I get my car fixed I might just drive around my hood to measure how far that is. One guy on the weekend kept running by, so I thought maybe he was training for some 5k. The neighbors he was visiting stood out at the end of their driveway to hold up signs and cheer for him.