Pushing It Again


I took my son to Lowes this morning. He arrived early in the morning to finish putting the shingles on the roof. I washed out my kitchen garbage can. I vacuumed three rooms. I did dishes. I went to the local store for bread and milk. I did a Dunkin Donuts run to keep oldest son caffeinated and my youngest sugared up. My 13 year old is helping his brother on the roof. I charged my electric lawnmower and mowed part of the lawn again today! I used both hands once or twice on the mower. The left hand was pretty much the tone effect death grip, but it helped me get up the incline in my yard. I started a fire in my fire pit. I cooked veggies and rice for dinner. I watered the plants. I scraped paint off my front big window. I cut what I think was my last to bloom gladiola, and it is the only red one. I will probably hurt tomorrow. It is my birthday week, I am supposed to bowl tomorrow. I don’t want anything to stop me. Tuesday is a road trip to return borrowed tools. It would be awesome if I cleaned and vacuumed my car out first. I also want to bring my camera. My state is so pretty this time of year. I love NY.

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