My Son Wore Crocs On The Roof

IMG_6983My older son, with the help of my younger son, finished putting the shingles on my new roof. He started off wearing heavy duty work boots, but he found they were damaging my too cold shingles (or was it too hot). He finished the job, with no one falling off. The job is not completely finished, it still needs the ridge vent, fascia fixing, and new soffits. But, I just wanted to comment on his balance wearing the crocs. They become one with his feet. I had a bad opinion of crocs, having seen my mother wear them all the time. She was always wobbly in them. Now, I am thinking maybe it was just her off balance, not her shoes. I still won’t be able to wear them anytime soon. I need a sneaker to hold my afo. I also am in love with my Avon memory foam slippers. I have abused my last pair, and they are waiting to be cleaned on the porch.

So today, I thought I was off to a great start. I had a list for the grocery store, dropped off my Salvation Army donations, had my eyebrows waxed, showered before late afternoon (always a goal), but I totally forgot to eat breakfast and take my meds. I made it home and ate, then went outside to work on the lawn. I mowed some more. Picked up two wagonloads of sticks. Watered my plants in my bucket garden, and picked one more tomato. I then tried to start another fire in the firepit. The sticks were either too green or damp because I could not get them to burn for more than a second. I have plenty more projects to do outside, but I don’t know how long the weather will stay nice. It was suppose to storm tonight and it has not yet. I also forgot to take my library book back, take the recyclables and tons of things inside did not get done. My bowling meetup got changed to tomorrow. I have to return some tools that were borrowed first. Ashley will get a long road trip.

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