Covered Bridge in Rural NY

IMG_7000This is what I encountered after missing my turn on my road trip. It is a few minutes or more outside of Ithaca, NY. I think the town was Newell or something like that, or something that started with P. I should have taken the pic of the rock next to this and the plaque that had the history of the bridge. I didn’t. I was late. I was tired and thought I know where it is now I could always go back later. Actually the bridge says Newfield on it, so that is most likely the town.

I also drove past Buttermilk Falls. I wanted to go back and take a picture of that, but again didn’t. There are plenty of falls within a half mile of my house, that I have yet trekked to see.

I will be going to my Mom’s for a week. I will visit with my sis and niece as well. My Mom wants to take a few day trips. I probably will have limited internet access, so will not post for about a week.