Pic My Son Took


This is the same lake asĀ  yesterday’s post, a few days later. It is taken out the window of our car as we left town. I did not know there was going to be a regatta, or whatever reason for so many sailboats. I am glad I came home a day early. I still have jetlag from driving. I mowed half the front lawn and my son mowed the other half. If it does not rain tonight, he has to finish the rest tomorrow. I got a bit too much sun today, even wearing sunblock. I still have plenty of inside work to finish too. I remembered I had to pick up my scripts after I started a fire in the fire pit. It lit with one match, but it burned out quick too.

I dragged out my wheelchair to give away free. No one came to get it yet, so I will wheel it out by the road everyday until it is gone. I have a bunch of other things I want to get rid of or sell quick. Craigslist is slow around here. I am slow too, I need to get it out earlier in the morning. I also need to plan better to only work in the shade.

Pushing The Wrong Buttons

I just returned from my family visit. We did something different everyday. The day of our boat ride, on my Mother’s friends boat, I kept pushing the wrong settings on my camera. I took many pictures that are washed out or blurry. This one is not too bad. The water started out choppy on the lake. Halfway home, we had a beautiful sunset and smooth as glass water. My son also learned a few things about driving a boat.
Anyway, I am back home. My bucket garden is still alive. I only see a few tomatoes and jalepenos and flowers. I hope it stays warm enough long enough to get some green peppers and more tomatoes. We need to mow the lawn and finish unpacking. I spent too much time stressing over iphoto freezing up my computer. I was trying to get more things listed on Ebay. I guess I need to be outside while it is nice. I woke up early, too early. I am taking a nap before anything gets done. The sky is red and purple. Red in the morning, sailors warning.