Looks like a fun job!


I took this pic at the locks. I am sure this job would be fun for a few hours, waiting for boats. The sun would bake me alive, and wearing a life vest must get hot when it is 90 degrees out. Another kind of man with uniform, and a long pole!.

I was brave and maybe stupid and signed up on a online dating site. I am 50, and never got my happily ever after. I never had happy ever, I had pyscho #1-3. Yes, that does sound like something is wrong with me. I have plenty wrong with me, but so does  everyone I know that ends up with dudes that cook, clean, and fix their car. I don’t even want that, just to go out once in awhile not by myself forever. Coming close to death makes you realize how short life is. I feel like so many opportunities already slipped by. Anyway, the first guy that wants to meet me is too redneck. His only hobbies listed are riding his 4 wheeler and motorcycle. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked if he had other hobbies. His reply, “wow, is there anything you do like?”  My reply yes the rest of the 999,999 things to do. He has three strikes against him before he has a chance. You might think I am harsh, but I had listed some 20 things I do like, and plan on adding more.


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