I Am Halfway There


One of my life goals was to live to be 100. I finally made it to 50. Now to speed up the fun, I have a lot more to pack in the next 50 years.

I took a few shots of this old barn on my roadtrip yesterday. I turned a chore of returning some borrowed tools into a slow backroads country ride. I really did not travel back roads, but I avoided the super busy roads that went through Syracuse. I also managed to take an extra 45 minutes by missing two turns. That was my fault for not printing closer up maps of the places I have never been. The map I printed did not have the names of the roads on it. The directions did, but reading and driving with one hand is not easy. I missed a line. I refuse to get GPS, that takes the fun and challenge out of a road trip.

My Son Wore Crocs On The Roof

IMG_6983My older son, with the help of my younger son, finished putting the shingles on my new roof. He started off wearing heavy duty work boots, but he found they were damaging my too cold shingles (or was it too hot). He finished the job, with no one falling off. The job is not completely finished, it still needs the ridge vent, fascia fixing, and new soffits. But, I just wanted to comment on his balance wearing the crocs. They become one with his feet. I had a bad opinion of crocs, having seen my mother wear them all the time. She was always wobbly in them. Now, I am thinking maybe it was just her off balance, not her shoes. I still won’t be able to wear them anytime soon. I need a sneaker to hold my afo. I also am in love with my Avon memory foam slippers. I have abused my last pair, and they are waiting to be cleaned on the porch.

So today, I thought I was off to a great start. I had a list for the grocery store, dropped off my Salvation Army donations, had my eyebrows waxed, showered before late afternoon (always a goal), but I totally forgot to eat breakfast and take my meds. I made it home and ate, then went outside to work on the lawn. I mowed some more. Picked up two wagonloads of sticks. Watered my plants in my bucket garden, and picked one more tomato. I then tried to start another fire in the firepit. The sticks were either too green or damp because I could not get them to burn for more than a second. I have plenty more projects to do outside, but I don’t know how long the weather will stay nice. It was suppose to storm tonight and it has not yet. I also forgot to take my library book back, take the recyclables and tons of things inside did not get done. My bowling meetup got changed to tomorrow. I have to return some tools that were borrowed first. Ashley will get a long road trip.

Pushing It Again


I took my son to Lowes this morning. He arrived early in the morning to finish putting the shingles on the roof. I washed out my kitchen garbage can. I vacuumed three rooms. I did dishes. I went to the local store for bread and milk. I did a Dunkin Donuts run to keep oldest son caffeinated and my youngest sugared up. My 13 year old is helping his brother on the roof. I charged my electric lawnmower and mowed part of the lawn again today! I used both hands once or twice on the mower. The left hand was pretty much the tone effect death grip, but it helped me get up the incline in my yard. I started a fire in my fire pit. I cooked veggies and rice for dinner. I watered the plants. I scraped paint off my front big window. I cut what I think was my last to bloom gladiola, and it is the only red one. I will probably hurt tomorrow. It is my birthday week, I am supposed to bowl tomorrow. I don’t want anything to stop me. Tuesday is a road trip to return borrowed tools. It would be awesome if I cleaned and vacuumed my car out first. I also want to bring my camera. My state is so pretty this time of year. I love NY.

Nice Out, Must Push Myself

IMG_6977I feel like  I was run over by a truck, that hit my arms and legs. That is good, my back does not hurt yet. I have to move some of my plants back near the house from last weekends demolition. I am still drying the tons of laundry I washed at the laundrymat yesterday. I still need to figure out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cleaning, listing on Ebay, selling on craigslist and listening to my son ramble on about video games rounds out my day. Taking my dog for a sunset ride is high on my to do list too.


Plastic Is Forever, I Found A Man



When I was working around outside my house this weekend, I found a man. Not at all my type, except for the long flowing blonde hair. He was made of plastic, check out his moonboots. I deposited all three pieces of him in my planter. I now have a time capsule mini garden figurine. Some people have fairy gardens, maybe I will have a man garden.

Yes, my life is that sad.

My First Harvest From My Bucket Garden


So far I have one tomato, smaller than a golf ball and one jalepeno that I could not wait to pick. I don’t know how to tell when jalepenos are ready to pick. I did not want the wild animals in my yard to eat it. They are still sitting on my table. I got home at 9 PM last night and ate leftovers out of the fridge. I went walking at a mall, a meetup group thing, with my brace and cane. As usual I was the only one I saw with a brace and cane. I think that mall was way too small, we went around so many times. The last time I was there I thought it was bigger, so I must be walking better with the new AFO. I need a measured distance to walk, so after I get my car fixed I might just drive around my hood to measure how far that is. One guy on the weekend kept running by, so I thought maybe he was training for some 5k. The neighbors he was visiting stood out at the end of their driveway to hold up signs and cheer for him. 

Almost 6 Months Pregnant and Doing Hard Labor

My daughter should be getting her baby room together and putting her feet up. Instead she was doing strenuous, dirty, sweaty grunt work at my reroofing, besides being the boss and general contractor. She really needs to get her own place to manage, or start a legit construction business. She is practicing for when she builds me an apartment to live next to her. She just wants the free daycare, then she will dump me in an old aged home or sanitarium.
She is almost 6 months pregnant and trying to get strong enough to have a fast easy labor. I tried to slow her down several times. My grandbaby, Beezlebop, will only be twice as ambitious as her. I predict she will be president of the United States, or some other country. I will have to live to at least 86 to see that.

This Guy or Gal Should Be A Builder

ImageI had such generous kind hearted people volunteer to help fix my roof. My son pictured on the right, pregnant daughter pictured in my next post a handful of their friends, and a few of my neighbors all pitched in to make the ugly go away. Wasps and bees were kicked to the curb. Thin, too thin plywood rotting from neglect was ripped off and all new zip system boards put on. Then a few shingles, new fascia in the front and a party of cobbled replacements for temporary soffits were fitted. Not only for my house, but my shed is now has a leakproof roof waiting for more shingles. It took longer because of rain everyday and not really expecting to replace the entire roof sheathing. Having to see the inadequate thickness and degradation made me realize how lucky it did not collapse or blow off.

All my ugly tarps are now gone where tarps should be, folded up to become “temporary” cover. Well the ones from my roof are in the trash, and shredded to confetti all over my yard. I spent another hour picking it up today. I spent lots of time picking it up yesterday. I painted one window on the weekend and one today. I still have a few more to go.

My son stayed an extra day to finish the cobbling of the soffits, fix my dryer vent and put more than 1/4 of the shingles on the back side and a few rows on the front as well. They will get done before it snows I am sure.