Who Polishes There Shoes Anymore?

And does anybody use their iron? Mine has been sitting on the shelf for a year, since I moved here. I never used it at all. I also never used it in Pennsylvania since I was laid off from my office job. That was 2010. I used it once to iron on some boy scout patches since then. If I still sewed I would iron the seams. I do need to iron some aprons I want to sell. I don’t even know if I can with one hand. My ironing board is in the back of my shed. So, that is one project that can wait.

I bought a lot of the shoe polish at the auction, last time I went. I will have to research other uses besides collecting the vintage cans. I can not even get them open. Maybe somebody could stain some wood black, then poly coat it? I only need to sell one piece to double my investment, but I don’t see the rest selling quick. Then again, I am wrong on some strange things selling.

I mowed more of the lawn today. I shopped for a few things including dog food. I am trying a limited ingredient kind. I tried it while at my Mom’s, but I mostly mixed it with her old food. So far the first day, she has not turned bright red. I also bought local honey a few days ago. She was a little too gassy. I did not add the honey today, and will decrease the amount I pour on next time. The local honey could help with her allergies, according to one article I read. If it helps her ear infection, I will try anything.