Summer is waning

The sun goes away sooner, too soon. It gets chilly at night. My pepper and tomato plants are trying to produce. I really need a greenhouse to keep them going.

I have been reading all day. I am trying to finish my book club book before the meeting tomorrow. I went to a comedy club last night. I have two other meetups this week besides the book club. I will probably lay low the rest of the month.

2 thoughts on “Summer is waning

  1. Great that you are reading…and writing, as I see. I always have mixed feelings about Fall. I love the crispness of the air, the turning of the leaves, football and sunsets that are red and pink and purple. But the flowers fade, the tomatoes stop popping out, and the grass turns bland and brown. Keep writing, keep growing. Even grass goes dormant during the winter, only to grow bright and vibrant in the spring.

    • Yes, with the correct lighting and reading glasses, I can read more often now. I hope it is a sign my brain is healing. I still have to hold books with one hand, and I wreck havoc on the spines, but I won’t give into a ereader yet. I like all seasons, except snow and below freezing.If I had a big greenhouse, I could deal with short winters sometimes too.

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