Tree giving the finger to the sky!

Do you believe in signs? I do, and I see them everywhere. I do not know why the tree would give the finger to the sky, but maybe it was lightning or a UFO that ticked it off.
My big buddha gut is telling me to get back to the gym everyday. I think I will try to force myself into a routine.
My online dating has netted me zero dates! So many lie, say they want to meet then stop messaging when I try to pin down a time and place. Two guys deleted their accounts after messaging me. I guess I will be forced trying to get to know the guys that only like motorcycles or 4 wheelers. I hope they know that almost every guy posts a pic of them sitting on a bike. They must think that makes them charming. I admit, it is better than looking at their hairy chest with their toilet and towel bar in the background. My favorite pic is the guy whose hobby is photography, he has the blurriest, grainiest photo. Plus 99% of them only have a high school education.