Where does the time go?

I tried to finish cleaning my house today. Ha, ha, ha, lets all laugh. I cleared off half my desk, and washed most of the dishes. I jumped from one thing to another, and once again nothing got finished. I even stayed off the computer for hours while my son was on it. I caught up on sleep during the morning thunderstorms. I was glad it let up long enough for my son to wait for the bus. It seemed louder than usual. My son said it sounded like missiles exploding. We looked on the weather map, it was super fast and dark north of here. It drenched the ground and made the hot air thick like fog all day. It would be too hot to walk. Yes, I have every excuse why I don’t get off my ass. I planned a yoga class for next weeks meetup. I plan on embarrassing myself, since my one side does not cooperate. I can not even get off the floor without grabbing something. It said all levels welcome. I will be the level below beginner.