Emergency Baking in the Moonlite

Yes that is baking, not barking. I was making my son’s frozen pizza for his school lunch tomorrow. I made a mental note as I brought water into my room to take my pills to not forget about it. I forgot about it, and I forgot my pills. I drank all the water. I burned the pizza. Good thing the stroke did not affect my sense of smell. I got it out just before too far gone to recognize. That means my pizza loving fat ass has a midnight snack. I threw the pizza dough together and am waiting for it to rise. I now need to remember to make a small pizza before I fall asleep. I am going to freeze the leftover dough in portions, in case I do this again. I most certainly will.
Well, I am still stress free. It must be the yoga. I made it through the whole hour. I am now confidant I can do some on my floor mat at home. My favorite pose, the corpse. I had that one perfect, lie on my back, close my eyes and shut everything out as we breathe. I have been doing yoga all along, but did not know it. Really I don’t breathe deep enough, but I will try to sometime.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Baking in the Moonlite

  1. I’m impressed you can do the corpse pose, I fail at even that because my affected arm crawls into my lap.

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