Where does the time go?

I tried to finish cleaning my house today. Ha, ha, ha, lets all laugh. I cleared off half my desk, and washed most of the dishes. I jumped from one thing to another, and once again nothing got finished. I even stayed off the computer for hours while my son was on it. I caught up on sleep during the morning thunderstorms. I was glad it let up long enough for my son to wait for the bus. It seemed louder than usual. My son said it sounded like missiles exploding. We looked on the weather map, it was super fast and dark north of here. It drenched the ground and made the hot air thick like fog all day. It would be too hot to walk. Yes, I have every excuse why I don’t get off my ass. I planned a yoga class for next weeks meetup. I plan on embarrassing myself, since my one side does not cooperate. I can not even get off the floor without grabbing something. It said all levels welcome. I will be the level below beginner.

Tree giving the finger to the sky!

Do you believe in signs? I do, and I see them everywhere. I do not know why the tree would give the finger to the sky, but maybe it was lightning or a UFO that ticked it off.
My big buddha gut is telling me to get back to the gym everyday. I think I will try to force myself into a routine.
My online dating has netted me zero dates! So many lie, say they want to meet then stop messaging when I try to pin down a time and place. Two guys deleted their accounts after messaging me. I guess I will be forced trying to get to know the guys that only like motorcycles or 4 wheelers. I hope they know that almost every guy posts a pic of them sitting on a bike. They must think that makes them charming. I admit, it is better than looking at their hairy chest with their toilet and towel bar in the background. My favorite pic is the guy whose hobby is photography, he has the blurriest, grainiest photo. Plus 99% of them only have a high school education.

Summer is waning

The sun goes away sooner, too soon. It gets chilly at night. My pepper and tomato plants are trying to produce. I really need a greenhouse to keep them going.

I have been reading all day. I am trying to finish my book club book before the meeting tomorrow. I went to a comedy club last night. I have two other meetups this week besides the book club. I will probably lay low the rest of the month.

Who Polishes There Shoes Anymore?

And does anybody use their iron? Mine has been sitting on the shelf for a year, since I moved here. I never used it at all. I also never used it in Pennsylvania since I was laid off from my office job. That was 2010. I used it once to iron on some boy scout patches since then. If I still sewed I would iron the seams. I do need to iron some aprons I want to sell. I don’t even know if I can with one hand. My ironing board is in the back of my shed. So, that is one project that can wait.

I bought a lot of the shoe polish at the auction, last time I went. I will have to research other uses besides collecting the vintage cans. I can not even get them open. Maybe somebody could stain some wood black, then poly coat it? I only need to sell one piece to double my investment, but I don’t see the rest selling quick. Then again, I am wrong on some strange things selling.

I mowed more of the lawn today. I shopped for a few things including dog food. I am trying a limited ingredient kind. I tried it while at my Mom’s, but I mostly mixed it with her old food. So far the first day, she has not turned bright red. I also bought local honey a few days ago. She was a little too gassy. I did not add the honey today, and will decrease the amount I pour on next time. The local honey could help with her allergies, according to one article I read. If it helps her ear infection, I will try anything.

Stone love

I doubt I will ever find a mason, to build me a masonary fireplace or a stone gate. They must have been a dime a dozen back in the day.

I pushed the lawnmower around about 1/10th of the lawn. That was my physical therapy for today.

My son had his first day of eighth grade. He did not complain too much, but he fell asleep around 5PM. Lucky for him there is only one more day then the weekend begins.