Fall Colors in CNY

IMG_7536Each type of tree varies, some have peaked and lost most of their leaves already. Some are dull and some blazing. Some love this time of year. I think it is ok, but I like green trees. Shade and oxygen are life givers. Fall is crunchy walking. Slippery when wet walking. Cold nights remind me the power company owns me. I will try to be positive, because that is what is supposed to bring positive results. I love the warm weather we are having. Thanks global warmers. I don’t own air conditioning, so no added expense with these extra warm fall days. It rained all day here. It was just misty, not flooding downpours. My dog still had to get her feet wet, so I had to coax her outside.

I did my volunteer training for cat adoptions at PetSmart. I scooped kitty litter and cleaned their cages with one hand. I guess I will be able to do it one night per week. They need a lot more attention then they are getting. They are getting fed, watered and are warm, but they need petting, scratching, combing and socialization….just like me. I won’t be a crazy cat lady, I appreciate them. I still like dogs better.


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