Today was a grey day, unlike the pic from last weekend

It is nice and warm, but raining steady. I hope there is less snow because of the rain we are getting now. My lawn did not get mowed. My feet get soaked walking to the car. I vowed to fix that this year, but there are always too many things that come up.
My son set the pace of the day, vomitting and staying home from school. I have been feeling woozy, but I don’t have a stomach bug yet. I went out to get my son ginger ale and my dog some baby carrots for treats. She loves them. I love the fact I don’t have to bake them, just open the bag and hand them out. She let me eat half of one, then I thought she was going to eat my hand to get the other half. She usually is really gentle. I guess she did not want to share.
I got two different guys to message me on plenty of fish. I guess after mentioning how it sucked the other day, the computer spies tried to prove me wrong. Still a few messages and no real “date”.

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