I had a little pause, but I am not refreshed

I have been doing good with my incontinence the last few weeks. Then last night my son was in the shower when I got home from my online “date”. I should have stayed sitting down until he was out. I started to put away things from the grocery store, it was too late. Well, leading into my online dating story. I can not even impress a lonely man 10 years older than me. We talked for two hours. I felt like I got the brush off, he wanted someone with common hobbies. I hope he finds a wonderful women that scuba dives and flies RC airplanes. Really, how many couples like the same things? I guess it did not help I could not think of anything except crocheting and bowling. I was brain dead from my hands freezing. I might try drinking alcohol next time. If there is a next time. I feel so confident that there must be someone that wants a hobbler that pees her pants. I can’t hoard a million cats or dogs because my one is too much expense.
I am so bored, I am going to add a poll, just because I see a button to click.

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