My Favorite Holiday

I love Halloween. I feel like I failed with the decorations this year. No real pumpkin. My lights and decorations did not make it out of the shed. I did not even get my porched cleaned off. As always, Halloween happened anyway. I had 74 visitors, only had pre-made 72 bags, so the last two got a few left over pieces. Such cute little shy kids. Only one or two bold ones, one being a parent. He must of been a cop in real life. He knocked the loudest on my door, and shone his flashlight in before I opened it. I am happy my dog was very gentle poking her nose in the first few kids bags to sniff. I had her blocked in my room most of the rest of the night. Another rainy night, I hope for a Halloween where I can sit on my porch to hand out treats instead of opening and closing the door. Tomorrow, I hope to score a bag of candy I like. I bought my son’s favorite Nestle Crunch. He did not go out or dress up. He stayed home, watched Beetlejuice and did his homework and kept the dog company.