Election Day Tomorrow!

I have to go vote, or I have the right to vote! I just hope I only need my voter registration card. I have misplaced my drivers license. Of course that does not stop me from driving. I like living dangerously. I went to the book club tonight and tomorrow I am meeting another guy from Plenty of Fish. I changed my profile again. I have not told him I had a stroke yet, or that I walk or talk funny. I figured I want to get a read on his reaction. Last time the guy was nice about my stroke, but he had other issues with me. Ha ha, like any guy should be crazy to not want to go out with me. I have my secret weapon this time. I bought a little of the perfume I used to wear all the time. MOST people complimented me on it, both men and women. Mostly married men, but I was not interested in them anyhow. I was still with my son’s father. My Mother and older Son hated it, it made them sick. Just about any perfume makes my Mother sick, so her opinion will not count in this matter. So that will take up most of my day. Election, eyebrow waxing and meeting someone new.