She has arrived 11/15/13

photo 2
The future Queen of wherever she ends up living….by the looks of the bad weather maybe a more hospitable planet.
Her name is Luella Grey, Grey being derived from XMen’s Jean Grey. I am sure she will be a spitfire. The short time I got to spend with her she was dreaming, moving her mouth and twitching her face. While laying on her mother she extended her middle finger. I have a picture of that, but I left my camera at my daughters.
As a new Grandma I am still recovering after the road trip and all the new input. My brain can only handle certain doses. My body also had a bit too much walking and let me know with every muscle and bone hurting this morning. Yesterday it felt like I had blisters on the bottom of my feet.
I hope to be in better shape for next months visit.