Old Grandma

I got my camera back today. I left it in Boston, lost in confusion. It takes me a long time to recover from the road trip. I also took a short trip to see my new guy friend the other day. I ended up driving back in a snowstorm. That takes recovery too. I had sore neck and shoulder muscles from being tensed up while freaking out when I could not tell where the road was. Even on nice days it takes me awhile to adjust to my new situation as part of a new “couple”. The last few days I have been worrying, wondering, planning on how I am going to get through this cold snap. I found out today that another snow storm is coming. It depresses me. The only place I have driven in the past two days are the short ride to the post office. I have to go buy dog food tomorrow, before the storm hits. My son only has one more day of school this week.
I have not been blogging, or keeping up with my Meetup organizer duties. I really can only handle a few things. I got a phone call about a church wanting to help me and my son for the “Holidays”. I did not call back. It deeply bothers me both that I need help, and that being as I do not believe in “church” that I should accept their pity. There are many far worse off than me. I don’t like to think of myself as needy. I do admit I need help, but not with food and gifts. I could use some free service to my furnace. I will stop now with this subject, it boggles my mind too much.
In good positive news, my granddaughter is deemed healthy by her pediatrician. I am also feeling pretty good finding my new “friend” on Plenty of Fish. So far my stroke deficits don’t seem to be a problem for him. He helps me to and from the car and always has nice things to say. I have never in my 50 years had so much “positive” attention from a man. It is still only been a few weeks, and I am still cautious as to when the newness wears off and I will see the “real” him. It really makes me realize I had the worst of the worst in my previous relationships.