I need a different view

Outside my windows I see grey cloudy skies. Melted snow drips off my roof. Outside my only door is surrounded by chaos and dog poo. My car has a coating of sand and salt. I saw cat paw prints and wondered if they were from a homeless cat left to fend for itself. The bleak and bleary season is full on.

I thought about what and how I was going to make my painting for my granddaughter’s first Christmas gift. Watercolor only or multimedia. I love crafting together multimedia, but only have a vague vision of how it will turn out. I know I just need to actually start it, and something will speak to me.

The view in the pic is from the hospital “solarium”. I spent some time in there waiting to see the baby. I wish it had a balcony, so my pics would not have to be shot through the window. This is The Charles (river) with Boston in the background.

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