The Pru in View

IMG_7994I woke up with my throat feeling better, but I could not talk. I had a phone call to make. My phone was left off the charging base all night or more so after one call it was dead. My doctors office called me back, since I could not find where I had written down my referral appointment to the dermatologist. They called again since I could not pick up. I finally let them know I got the message and that my phone had died. I looked up the office on the internet. Easy, somewhere I drive past anyway I thought. I left early to get to the post office with my 6 packages. That went ok, then I drove to find the doctor. Where the internet pointed was a red barn, no signs. I had left my cell phone at my guy friends house so I won’t get it back until Friday. I had no way to call and get directions. I drove down the main road, no sign no clue. I drove home in a hurry to call the office from my house phone. The phone had enough charge but my voice did not. To top it off the directions they gave confused me more. After repeating and asking more questions I finally had it in my head which way to go. I felt so stupid, it is a place I have driven past many times, but not today. There was a big sign, doh. Well, they agreed that the internet map was wrong, they heard it before. So, I got the forms to fill out as new patient. I kind of stumbled through them since I forgot my reading glasses. I got the basic questions birthdate and age. I was trying to fill these out fast, basic easy stuff. I put my birth year 63, then my age I wrote 63. I started laughing so hard I was embarrassing myself. They must have thought I was drunk or insane. I could not stop. I finally contained myself and finished the rest. I forgot my med list too, but know them by heart with bad spelling. Next on to the waiting, thankful for their candy dish to sooth my throat. I glanced through some Smithsonian Mags since I could only read the headlines without my glasses. The doctor was helpful in explaining the freezing procedure and describing what I had was not a mole or cancer. He looked at the other “thing” on my face and left it up to me to have it removed. Since the one on my face does not bother me, it is on my cheek, I opted to leaving it be for now. I was more concerned of it costing too much more than anything. I will find out how much my insurance covers or not later. They do not participate with Medicare. My armpit is in pain, but more like a soreness now.

I was too stunned to go shopping as planned, I was on autopilot and made it home. I was halfway home when I realized I was not headed for shopping. I stopped home and regrouped by making a useful list. I did not forget anything, and made my son carry it all inside. If it was not frozen it is still in a bag on my floor. I hope to play catch up tomorrow.


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