Tired Again

IMG_7987I used to have turkey burgers quite regularly. I have not seen them in the stores lately, so I have not had them in awhile. I went to three stores today in search for the frozen ones I used to buy, or even for fresh ground turkey. No frozen ones anywhere, not even and empty place on the shelf. The third store had ground turkey, the first two did not. I bought the rolls I love covered in sesame seeds. I made three burgers, ate two and saved one for tomorrow. I put on sliced cheese and a combo of ketchup and mustard.

I bought more hot chocolate packs that took hunting in three stores too. My throat has been sore. I have been drowning my soreness in tea, with an occasional cup of hot chocolate or one of my wild cherry hard lemonades I bought back in early summer. I also needed more supplies to do my laundry. With my extra caffeine intake I have wet my pants a few times. I am glad I never run into anyone I know. It seems so strange to live somewhere over a year and still not to know that many people.

My son and I have been having some heated discussions today. He is in a bad mood. He says he is bored with only the internet to entertain him. My usual suggestions result in him yelling back at me in a rage that NNOOO he does not want to do anything I suggest, go anywhere I suggest, etc. He also rather starve than to learn how to cook himself something. I am so glad he is at his friends playing video games now. I am also glad I am tired enough to be asleep when he comes back. I worry so much about his future, and society that has to deal with him too.